Dino Theme Day!

Dino Theme Day!

We kick started the day with dippy Dino eggs for breakfast.

Then we moved on to mask making. The kids chose their dinosaur, which we drew and cut out of paper plates, then coloured with felt tip pens.

Next was our dinosaur fossil dig. We made these fossils by pressing dinosaur toys into salt dough the day before to let them go hard. Then I hid them in tubs of sand and the kids carefully dug them up! Click here for more details.

For lunch we made cheese and chard muffins, from fresh chard we grew at the allotment. We decorated them with cream cheese. Then we cut Dino heads and tails from short crust pastry. We baked the pastry and stuck it in the cream cheese to look like dinosaurs.

It is amazing how you can find workouts on YouTube for just about any theme!

Inspired by another home ed mum, we had a go at home made gummy sweets. We used this healthy recipe.

Then we looked at our books about dinosaurs.

And of course we had to end the day with turkey dinosaurs, yum. 


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