Mushrooms are amazing. We only see their ‘face’ briefly once a year in the autumn. However, the bulk of the organism is hidden underground, quietly supporting plants and trees all year long.

This theme day was inspired by an excellent curriculum we started last year called ‘Exploring Nature With Children‘.

It started with breakfast…

Then face paint.

Then we made some easy coconut mushrooms. Click here and scroll to ‘C’ to see the recipe.

While I tidied up and got our next activities ready, the children completed word searches and colouring pages.

And made some mushrooms from lego.

We had some fun with this crazy youtube video, and burnt some calories ready for our stuffed mushroom lunch…

This is possibly the healthiest meal all the children have been happy to eat – I’m not sure Dad enjoyed them much though!

Next we made some book marks.

Then we got out all our books with fungi in and tried to identify mushrooms we had photographed from our nature walk earlier in the week.

We had a go at origami.

Finally we made our own woodland scene using things we had collected in previous weeks. We painted acorns to look like mushrooms. We cut out our leaf prints to cover the forest floor. We even scattered mini pine cones and sticks!

Another enjoyable day – and exhausted mother!

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