King Arthur

King Arthur

In our curriculum, Layers of Learning, we have been learning about the legends of King Arthur.

We have looked at a few different books, and each seems to have a slightly different variation of the myth.

We particularly like the books by Marcia Williams, which retell ancient myths in a comic strip style. So we were very pleased to find a copy of the King Arthur one, at our local library.

We also used this resource from twinkl, as a comprehension activity.

And we watched the old Disney movie, The Sword in the Stone

Then we made models from foam clay, of the various characters in the legends.

Once dry, the children decided to try their hand at making their own King Arthur animation. Here is what they came up with.

I’m not sure they’ll be winning a Grammy, but it’s not bad for a first attempt! It also coincides nicely with the film festival happening in Newport over the next 2 weeks.

Finally, we took a trip to Glastonbury to visit the children’s grandfather and explore some of the places linked to King Arthur there. Unfortunately, because the company and food were so good, and we had so much fun getting blasted in the wind on top of the Tor, we managed to miss the last entry to Glastonbury Abbey (which is 3:15pm in case you decide to go).

Never mind, we’ll be back soon, no doubt, to check out the supposed burial place of King Arthur himself. At least we got to enjoy the interesting models in Grandpa’s house.

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