Our theme was space…

I started the day by laying out geoboards with laminated star constellations for the children to copy using rubber bands…

Then breakfast was wholemeal pancakes (the sun!) with fruit planets…

The children enjoyed using the geoboards so much they started designing planets and rockets too…

Next it was time to build our spaceship for blasting into space. We made sure to include all the tools we’d need for repairs and plastic wrapped food for the journey…


The ship was ready, but we couldn’t fly anywhere without spacesuits. I don’t think I’m going to win any awards for my bin bag costumes though!

We then did some space cadet training, using a print out from twinkl. 

The kids had a go at designing moon rovers with paper, cotton wool and cups that would land lego men safely on the moon. They each tested their design to see if it worked. 

Then we started to explore the moon together.

We made an oreo cheesecake (you can find the recipe here) but with a twist. The oreos on top showed the faces of the moon.

And after all that hard work it was time for lunch…

After lunch we continued to explore the moon by looking at how craters on the moon are formed. We dropped size rocks, from different heights, into a tin of moon sand (a mix of sand, cornflour and water) to see what impact they had.

Meanwhile our toddler played with space rock playdough. This stuff was so satisfying to squish!

Then time for another snack. Fruit kebab rockets.

And finally we made our own solar system by painting polystyrene balls and skewering them into our space rock playdough. 

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