The Law

The Law

As it was his birthday, a couple of weeks ago we had a theme day in honour of the children’s father (a lawyer).

We started with barrister’s costumes. The wigs were made by sticking cotton wool to disposable shower caps.

Then I had the kids set up their own pizza restaurant, so we could look at the different ways law comes into play in a business context. 

First they had to sign a contract for the rental of the kitchen and dining room – a good lawyer would check the terms were fair.

Next they had to think about their name and logo, being careful not to copy other restaurants – lest they break copyright laws!

Before making the pizzas, we looked at health and safety regulations. We decided we should all wash our hands and wear head coverings. 

I introduced the famous ‘scales of justice’. Then we weighed out the pepperoni to make sure each child got a fair share.

For our pizza recipe click here and scroll to ‘P’.

While eating my pizza at the ‘Pizza Den’ I sneaked a plastic bug into my food and pretended to start choking. I told the children I was going to sue them for negligence. The owner of ‘Pizza Den’ was furious!

We had a mock trial. Our eldest fought admirably, but unfortunately the judge was biased, and was always going to find in favour of Mummy. A helpful lesson in the importance of unbiased judges!

We read a couple of Kindle books about law and its history. 

And coloured in the royal coat of arms.

Next we looked at some of God’s laws. We made wax tablets by using some wooden craft picture frames. We melted candle wax and poured it in. When it dried the children copied some of the 10 commandments on their tablets. 

We ended with this colouring sheet

Given how much some of the children enjoyed our mock trial, I won’t be surprised if they follow in their father’s footsteps!

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