We started with a very wolfy breakfast.

The previous weekend we had some new furniture delivered and had huge cardboard boxes left over. We cut out a number of wolves that the kids painted. I used an Artventure video to help me draw them. My own drawing skills are very limited!

I also cut out trees. Then the children glued on crepe paper and when we ran out we finished them off with an old pair of cut up green trousers!

Once the house was decorated it was time to decorate the children. We made masks with felt using this tutorial. 

Then the children had a go at their printed activity sheets. I found these brilliant resources from the Wolf Conservation Center. They have colouring sheets, word searches and even a Junior Wolf Biologist Guide.

Next we made wolf paw print cookies.

Then it was time to burn off energy outside. We played ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’ and ‘Tag,’ involving wolves hunting their prey!

Then we made our own geometric wolf puzzles using cardboard. The younger ones cut the wolf into bigger pieces, where as the older ones challenged themselves by cutting it into small shapes, then trying to put it back together. 

Finally it was time to perform our rendition of ‘The Boy who Cried Wolf’. I got a number of second hand play books by Julia Donaldson and the kids had spent the week memorising their lines. We found consumes and filmed their performance. 

We read books…

And finished the day with Fakeaway Slowcooker Lamb Kebabs. Lamb seemed a fitting choice for the wolves!

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