Bible study Simple Trust

Simple Trust

I thought everything would feel easier after Christmas, once the colossal to-do list had been completed. However, our first couple of weeks back into school work have not been easy. Rather than a completed to-do list, I now have a list of all the ‘do after Christmas’ items, that got pushed back to make way …

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Bible study Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple

Making the best use of our time, doesn’t mean, filling every moment we have, doing something. It means finding what is *best* in any given moment, and ruthlessly cutting out everything else. There are endless good things we can do with our time. The needs around us are almost infinite. Our family, our home, our …

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Bible study No holding back: Pt 4 How will you respond?

No holding back: Pt 4 How will you respond?

Noah’s Ark is one of the most famous Bible stories there is.  So much so, it has inspired innumerable baby toys, accessories, and children’s clothing.   The idea of a floating zoo is novel and child friendly.  But the whole story is actually quite a sobering tale of wickedness, hard work, and salvation.   God …

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Bible study No Holding Back: Pt 2 Shame

No Holding Back: Pt 2 Shame

“She took of its fruit and ate, and she also gave some to her husband who was with her, and he ate… and the man and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God” Genesis 3:6, 8 Shame has a way of making us want to hide away. We don’t want our …

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Bible study No Holding Back: Pt 1 The Background

No Holding Back: Pt 1 The Background

It’s been a while since I last blogged. In fact, it’s the longest break I’ve had since I started nearly 4 years ago. Why? Well, honestly, I’ve been toying with the idea of giving up.  Starting the blog was a challenge. Keeping it going has not been easy. I’ve made lots of mistakes. I wish …

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Bible study Insecurities – Part 2

Insecurities – Part 2

In part one I mentioned how isolation has caused many insecurities to bubble up to the surface.   Insecurities stem, in part, from all the past mistakes I’ve made. However, the present, presents its own unique problems. I often fear I don’t have enough. Enough time, patience, attention, skill, gentleness, wisdom (fill in the blank) …

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Bible study Wean-ed or Wean-ing?

Wean-ed or Wean-ing?

Is your soul like a ‘weaned’ child or a ‘weaning’ child? My Grandmother sometimes tells me the story of when she looked after my sisters and me while my Mum was away. My youngest sister wasn’t quite weaned yet. At night, she screamed and screamed and couldn’t be comforted. The source of her comfort was …

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Craft Do we all end up like our parents?

Do we all end up like our parents?

As I get older I’m starting to realise how much I am like my Mum and Dad.  It is not a bad thing.  My parents have a lot of good qualities that I am grateful they passed on. But occasionally I might come out with a strange phrase like:  “Don’t panic Mr Mannering,” and think:  …

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Craft Ageing Gracefully

Ageing Gracefully

In the 34th chapter of John Bunyan’s ‘Pilgrims Progress’, Christian and Hopeful, two of the main characters, encounter the river of death. Crossing the river is their last big challenge before entering the pearly gates of God’s city. They step in the water. Hopeful finds his feet on solid ground but Christian isn’t so lucky. …

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Recipe Getting a Balanced Diet

Getting a Balanced Diet

Have you struggled with comfort eating during lockdown? I know from personal experience that although it can make me feel better in the moment, later it generally leaves me feeling worse. It causes discomfort and bloating in the short term, as well as guilt and regret! And if we persist, the pounds will start piling …

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