Unit Study Diary Rainforest Explorations

Rainforest Explorations

“Ask the green plants of the earth and they’ll teach you… Who among all of these doesn’t know that the LORD’s hand made them, and that the life of every living thing rests in his control.” Job 8-10 ISV    Did you know, the soil in the rainforest is not actually very fertile?  Because of …

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Craft Jubilee Celebrations!

Jubilee Celebrations!

We’ve had a Jubilee-themed week, which started on Monday morning with this lovely book.  It covers some of the important moments in the Queen’s life, and how, through it all, her faith in Jesus, has been her anchor.   In the evenings, I shared the story of Queen Esther, from the Bible, with my two …

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Bible study No Holding Back: Pt 5 By Your Fruit

No Holding Back: Pt 5 By Your Fruit

At the start of this series, I began with an imperative – do not waste the gifts and talents God has given you.    In this blog I feel led to clarify that imperative – accumulating ‘achievements’ is not the same as using your gifts.    Last week, in our church bible study, we looked …

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