No Holding Back: Pt 3 Keep Shining

No Holding Back: Pt 3 Keep Shining

Upon the recommendation of a trusted friend, this year, we are doing a ‘names of Jesus’ advent calendar. It has not disappointed.


On day 5, we read: he is the ‘light of the world’.


Both the Old (Isaiah 9:2) and the New (John 1:4-5) Testament describe Jesus as light shining in the darkness. 


When Jesus came to earth as a baby, somehow, all the light of God was squeezed into a fragile human body. As he spoke, grace and truth shone out like beacons. Through his actions, gentleness and power radiated from him. 


However, even more remarkably, he can take that same divine light, and place it in each of us.


In Matthew 5:14, Jesus says to his followers:


“You are the light of the world.”


He says this to them near beginning of his ministry. They hadn’t had much time to learn from him, yet. But already Jesus described them as ‘the light of the world’. It seems, therefore, that simply being close to Jesus is enough to transform us into heavenly lights.


As we look to him, trust in him, and seek to follow his teaching, his light shines from us and into the world.


We may feel tarnished by all the mistakes we’ve made and from all the times we’ve hurt others. However, even a smudged and dirty mirror reflects some light. But, as soon as it’s turned away from its source… 


We don’t need to be perfect. We just need to be facing him.


So, be encouraged this Christmas, and whatever the New Year brings. Look to Jesus, have faith and keep shining!


Christmas Table Decorations

You will need:

Wood slice
Small candle
Play dough
Small pine cones
Mini baubles
Glue gun
Spray glue or spray varnish
(Optional) Additional decorations eg holy or evergreen


Place a piece of play dough in the centre of the wood slice
Push in the candle
Place decorations around the candle, gluing in place with a glue gun.
Finish with a piece of ribbon tied into a bow.
Spray a little glue or varnish and quickly sprinkle with glitter.
Allow to dry.


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