Bible study Hair Grows!

Hair Grows!

Have you ever had a really bad cut at the hairdressers? It’s happened to me a few times, where it’s been cut too short, a strange shape, or even wonky. Once, one side was about an inch longer than the other! If you’ve been there, you know the feeling: frustration, regret, disappointment. But then you …

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Craft Jubilee Celebrations!

Jubilee Celebrations!

We’ve had a Jubilee-themed week, which started on Monday morning with this lovely book.  It covers some of the important moments in the Queen’s life, and how, through it all, her faith in Jesus, has been her anchor.   In the evenings, I shared the story of Queen Esther, from the Bible, with my two …

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Bible study No holding back: Pt 4 How will you respond?

No holding back: Pt 4 How will you respond?

Noah’s Ark is one of the most famous Bible stories there is.  So much so, it has inspired innumerable baby toys, accessories, and children’s clothing.   The idea of a floating zoo is novel and child friendly.  But the whole story is actually quite a sobering tale of wickedness, hard work, and salvation.   God …

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Bible study When Promises are Broken

When Promises are Broken

During this time of social distancing and self-isolation, I have had to break a number of commitments made to others. Visits I’ve been looking forward to have been postponed indefinitely. Everyone understands why though. Relationships remain intact – from a distance. Have you ever broken a commitment to someone? Was it easy to explain? Or …

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