Recipe Seasoned with Salt

Seasoned with Salt

Apparently the biggest difference between an amateur cook and a professional is seasoning. Professional cooks season with just the right amount, at different times throughout the cooking process depending on what is being prepared. For example, when preparing your roast dinner, you might rub salt into your meat before putting it in the oven. However, …

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Craft Gamification


Gamification is when you take something, that might otherwise feel like hard work or a chore, and make it seem like a game. You could introduce an element of competition or a score board. Maybe a reward for winning. Turning something into a game often has the effect of grabbing people’s interest and engaging them …

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Money management Do you honour your parents?

Do you honour your parents?

  Our parents gave us life. They fed us, nurtured us and educated us. They shared their homes and income with us for many years, enduring sleepless nights, whining, worry and rebellion. Surely honouring and respecting them should come naturally to us? And yet in many places in the Bible we have to be reminded …

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Craft Why Homeschool?

Why Homeschool?

In my last blog I mentioned how I am encouraged by Mordecai’s resolve to stick with his decision. One area where this has encouraged me of late is in relation to homeschooling. For most of us, how we educate our children is not an easy or obvious choice. There are many factors to consider: location, …

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Craft Making Tough Decisions – And Sticking With Them!

Making Tough Decisions – And Sticking With Them!

A pivotal moment in Esther, where a challenging situation shifts to a life threatening one, is when Mordecai refuses to bow to Haman. The Bible doesn’t tell us how he arrived at this decision. However, Mordecai’s answer to the questioning palace officials was that he was a Jew. There is not much to suggest that …

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Recipe Am I Useful To God?

Am I Useful To God?

Most women are aware that having children will place certain limitations on them – at least for a period. Some of them are obvious: sleep, going out, career progression. Others can take us by surprise. One such limitation I had not anticipated was the impact on church life. Simply sitting through the entirety of a …

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Recipe Why Esther?

Why Esther?

With kings, queens, revenge plots, ironic twists, and elements of comedy, Esther reads more like a Shakespearean play than a book of the Bible. However, as gripping as the story is, initially I found it difficult to relate to. What spiritual significance could it have to me? After all, God’s name is not mentioned once in the …

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Recipe Purim – A Jewish Celebration

Purim – A Jewish Celebration

Yesterday, many Jewish people around the world gathered in synagogues to hear the entire book of Esther being read. Today, they have been celebrating with feasting, drinking and exchanging gifts of food, as they remember how they were delivered from complete destruction. The book of Esther is one of just two books in the Bible …

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Craft Breaking Point

Breaking Point

In my last blog I used the phrase, “stretch ourselves out in love”. It is perhaps a strange thing to say – stretch yourself out in love. A little while back I heard a sermon on 1 Peter 4 in which the speaker exhorted us to do just that. The phrase stuck with me and has since …

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Recipe Battle of the pies

Battle of the pies

We’ve heard it said many a time that the world would be a boring place if we all liked the same things.  On a rational analysis I’d have to agree. However, motherhood doesn’t always bring out my most rational side! I wish my toddler liked the same t-shirts as me. In fact, I’d settle for …

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