What’s in a Word?

What’s in a Word?

Words matter – a lot.  In fact, Jesus said that, one day, all will have to give an account, for each careless word they have spoken. Matthew 12:36

That includes the words spoken on an evening out. Words muttered under our breath. Words shouted in anger, when we’ve reached our limits. Every word, spoken without care, will be accounted for.

The Bible also tells us that words have the power of life and death. Proverbs 18:21.

With our words, we can build people up, spur them on into deeper faith, and encourage them to do good. Our words can be like the gentle spring rain, providing life to growing plants.

However, our words can also tear people down. Like a careless child who steps on new seedlings that have just pushed their way through the soil. The plant is crushed under the weight of the foot and, often, can’t recover. So too can our words crush a person’s spirit.

Most of us have experienced this for ourselves.

We’ve known the power of encouragement from a loved one, that helped us persevere when times were hard.

Sadly, we’ve also all known the devastating effect that harsh words can have on us.

Not only have we all been at the receiving end of such words, if we’re honest, we can probably all confess to having dished some out ourselves.

For the next few blogs, I want to focus on some of the ways we can use our words for good, but also some of the less helpful ways in which we can sometimes, perhaps unknowingly, misspeak. 

I should also emphasise that I am not purporting to write these blogs as someone who has learnt to speak perfectly.

This is an area which I have focussed on a lot over the years, precisely because, being wise with my words, has never come naturally for me. Whilst the Lord has brought me a long way from where I once was, I still have a long way to go.

Speaking carefully, all the time, takes a lot of effort. To fully transform our mouths and our minds, it will take time, constant repentance, and much help from the Holy Spirit. But what seems impossible for man, is possible with God. Matthew 19:26

Home-made Paint Brushes

It seemed impossible that the children would be able to paint anything with these brushes, put together from bits they found in the garden and some string.

However, as it turned out, they created some very interesting textures, which all the children enjoyed experimenting with.

One of the children particularly liked painting a stormy sea with his little mound of fern leaves!

This project was an idea in our ‘Layers of Learning’ curriculum, inspired by a medieval artist who made his own paint brushes – Giotto di Bondone.

It would also be a fun activity to add to a nature study. Maybe during the evergreen week, coming up in the third week of February, in the ‘Exploring Nature with Children’ curriculum.

Printing with pine cones could make some interesting textures too!

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