True Light

True Light

When I was a child, the lights on our Christmas tree stopped working. I found the one that was broken and discovered that the cause was a loose wire.

I had enough intelligence to get that far. However, I then went and got myself a metal fork. Without switching off the lights at the socket, I plunged the fork into the light, to move the wire back into place.

Unsurprisingly, I received a zap! Thankfully, however, no real harm was done. Although I did cry a bit from the shock, and my pride was a little bruised.

I love seeing all the lights at Christmas. It brings cheer to the long, dark nights in winter. However, lights don’t last forever. Wires come loose. Trees are put away. And then we have January and February to get through.

Tomorrow is Christmas day. It is when many will celebrate the day that Jesus was born. As the gospel of John puts it, it was a day when:

“The true light that gives light to everyone came into the world.”

The lights the of this world are flawed and temporary at best.

But not Jesus. He is the true light. He does not flicker or fail. He will not leave us alone in the cold, grim, seasons of life. He provides hope for the weary and anxious – for everyone.

When we come to Him broken, He is gentle and understanding. Isaiah says, ‘a smoldering wick he will not snuff out’. Though we may all feel like fading lights in these troubling times, Jesus will sustain us through the dark hours of our journey.

This Christmas will be a strange one. However, we all have something to celebrate, regardless of our circumstances: the true light of the world, who came to live among us.

Stained Glass Tea Lights:

No wires are used in the making of these festive lights!


You will need:

Glass jar
Tissue paper
Paper doiley, beads and sequins (optional)
PVA glue
Glue stick or paint brush


Paint the glass with glue
Cover with squares of different colour tissue paper
Cover with a paper doiley, sequins, beads or other decorations
Paint over the top with glue to seal the decorations and give it a shiny finish.
Allow to dry and place a tea light inside.

For a simpler variation of this craft you can draw on jars with colourful permanent markers and glitter glue.

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  1. Love the craft, it’s very effective! And I’m glad you didn’t do serious damage to yourself with the fork+electricity! X

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